Lessons From 2nd Grade Math Homework

February 6, 2013


Second graders are awesome (as is proven by this picture).  It was truly an odd moment of inspiration when I saw his homework.  Instead of my usual no-nonsense approach to homework (and too often life), I took a moment to appreciate that my youngest son had turned the mundane into something cool looking.  Double bonus is that he got the answer right!  🙂

I had one of those ‘ah-ha’ moments.  He’s doing a better job of living life to the fullest than I am!  I’m not necessarily smarter than a 2nd grader after all.  Here’s what I learned from him:

  1. Even the most mundane can use a little pizazz.  A little flair never hurt anyone.
  2. Sometimes the end goal isn’t the most important…maybe it’s having a little fun along the way.  Don’t forget to enjoy the journey!
  3. Spend a little time together before you go your separate ways. The 1 and 1 could have just parted, but they hung out together as an 11 first.
  4. It’s alright to take the long route sometimes.  You’ll still get there.
  5. Do it with gusto.  The tens digit had a little extra oomph before he landed.  Why not dance a little before you settle in?

You can still get the job done, but don’t forget to have a little (actually a lot!) of fun along the way.  That, in my mind, is the way to measure success.

Adding:  Since then I’ve learned one more very important lesson from him.  If you’re going to sit down and read, it is absolutely better if you construct a pretend teepee to do it in.  Atmosphere is everything! ~ Make your workspace awesome!