SEP expands with the opening of a new software product design studio

January 5, 2017

SEP expands with the opening of a new software product design studio

CARMEL, Ind. (January 5, 2017) ─ Software Engineering Professionals (SEP) is expanding its Carmel, Ind. operations with the opening of the new SEP Product Design Studio. The new space is an immersive, collaborative environment to assist in the development of software products and information systems for businesses.

Whether it is helping a race car engine manufacturer design aerodynamic modeling software, developing software for a new generation of tractors, or assisting a medical device company in creating a diabetes management mobile application, the new SEP Product Design Studio will help companies build better products for their customers.

“The market is changing. Product design and development is being disrupted by technology advancements and cultural changes,” Chris Shinkle, director of innovation for SEP, said. “We are seeing big companies wanting to be more like startups. They are looking for ways to innovate and move faster. SEP has always provided research, design, development and user experience testing. For the first time, the new studio puts all of that in one place for a cohesive client experience.”

The SEP Product Design Studio provides companies with a space that is designed to work alongside the people who are actually building the product or trying to solve a business problem. The new space will give companies a dedicated place for discovery sessions all the way to testing of the product.

The studio is equipped with technology that includes stations for wearables and mobile device usability testing so companies can see what the end user is naturally doing when using a device. This enables SEP to validate a product as it’s being developed so it can iterate on the outcome very rapidly. This approach to product development reduces the risk of testing delays and the high cost of learning about a problem too late.

“Design isn’t a ‘make it pretty’ sort of discipline anymore,” Noelle Webster-Milam, lead experience architect for SEP, said. “Design is about intention and understanding the context of the product you’re building. Great design happens when a company is invested in design thinking from the start and is engaged in the investigation, study and understanding of the problem they are really trying to solve,” she added.

SEP started in 1988 by four Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology graduates as a place where engineers love to work and today has grown to more than 100 employee-owners.

“Engineering has always been at our core,” Raman Ohri, president of SEP, said. “Over time, we and the industry at large have realized the importance of building the right product, in addition to building the product right. Our team has developed exceptional capabilities to help customers determine what to make.”

SEP is a software product design and development company that builds products for global, midsize and small companies.

“This space is a physical manifestation of our commitment to this essential work in building great software,” said Ohri. “We are eager to get people in this space and drive innovation.”

About Software Engineering Professionals (SEP)

Started in 1988 and headquartered in Carmel, Ind., Software Engineering Professionals (SEP) was created by four Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology graduates. SEP is one of Indiana’s largest software development firms with more than 100 employees. SEP partners with companies to develop software products and information systems that solve complex problems and building products that impact people’s lives. SEP serves Fortune and Global 1000 clients as well as mid-sized and startup companies. The company is 100% employee-owned through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and has made the Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s Best Places to Work list for seven consecutive years (2010 ranked #1). To learn more, visit