SEPTalks: The Principles of Empowered Teams

July 9, 2020

We all strive to create products that customers love and teams that are excited to come to work every day. Actually achieving this in practice is a surprising challenge. Humans and products are naturally complex, and pulling off these feats require a special blend of psychology and systems-thinking.

Products are outcomes of the systems used to create them. Focusing on your product and its next set of features in isolation may produce results for a while. However, long term success requires the creation of an organization that makes more than great products, you need to deliberately design an environment for innovation to thrive.

During Dave Mathew’s June SEPTalks event, he introduced  the principles for creating empowered product teams. Together, these principles can act as the foundation for developing the mindsets and tools you’ll need to consistently innovate in current and future products.

The full session can be viewed below:

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