What to Expect When You Apply

As with everything else at SEP, we think it’s important you know what to expect from us throughout the recruiting process. Transparency allows us all to be on the same page – from your first contact to the final decision, we want to make sure you know what’s next.

Our interviews are conducted by several people from our various teams because we believe meeting a broad cross-section of SEPeers helps make sure we’re right for each other. While you’re getting started, it’s also a good idea to do your homework and check out the rest of our website. You can learn a lot about us from the blogs, videos, and case studies!


Apply Online

Step 1: Apply

Take a look at our Open Positions. You’ll send us your résumé (ideally with links to your portfolio), answer some initial questions, and we’ll get the process going. Our initial questions are designed to make sure we don’t waste each other’s time by uncovering deal-breakers that would prevent us from working together.

Interview in Person

Step 2: One-hour exploration

The next step is a one hour exploration, mostly focused on you – what you’ve done, what gets you out of bed in the morning, and what your aspirations are. This might be an interview on campus, a phone call, an interactive technical experience, or some combination. You won’t get a sales pitch here, but we’re happy to talk about any part of SEP that helps you figure out if we’re a good fit.

SEP Headquarters

Step 3: Full-day interview

For our full-time roles, if it makes sense to continue the conversation, we’ll move on to a face-to-face interview. These are full-day affairs, with several key activities throughout the day. Intern positions skip this step.


Come Back for a Day

What to expect in the full-day interview

The tour

Come see us in our natural environment. More than just whiteboards and desks, we’ll try to give you the flavor of SEP—history, philosophy, current projects, and culture.

The demo

You doing your thing—coding, designing, etc. These are interactive sessions at a board or a computer, working with our teams.

The lunch

Keeping our strength up! We’ll get out of the office, get less technical, and talk through any questions you have.

The validation

This is a chance for you to validate things you’ve learned about us by talking privately with someone who’s not on the interview team. You pick the demographic, and we’ll find someone who most closely fits.

The details

You’ll get a detailed rundown of next steps, our benefit programs (e.g. health insurance, retirement programs, how time off works, etc.), and an estimated timeline for our decision making process.

Final Interview Steps

Step 4: Decisions

Based on our full-day interview, we’ll either:

  • Respectfully part ways,
  • Make you an offer, or
  • Need to explore further to gain clarity on a decision.

We’ll share our decision or status as promptly as we can.

Ultimately, we want you to have the information you need to decide if working together makes sense for you, and we are deciding if working together makes sense for us. If you realize at some point during the interview that SEP isn’t right for you, please let us know, and we will do the same.

Open Positions