SEPTalks Event: 5 Spicy Strategies for Leading Change

SEPTalks Event Guest Speaker: David Laribee, co-founder of Nerd/Noir

Does the word “transformation” make you hesitant or skeptical? Maybe even cringe a little? If so, you’re not alone. Traditional approaches of top-down implementation, endless training, and exhaustive coaching often fall short of making a genuine impact.

Join us for a session with David Laribee. As co-founder of Nerd/Noir, David will detail practical strategies that have propelled his teams and clients to achieve more impactful and lasting outcomes while managing the many changes software development faces today.

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3:30 – Registration & Refreshments
4:00 – Session Begins (1 hour)

In this session, David will explore successful strategies implemented at Nerd/Noir that challenge the status quo and offer a fresh perspective on driving meaningful change, including:

  1. New ideas and practical tools for effecting change in a team or an organization.
  2. An approach to measuring engineering centering on team empowerment and outcomes.
  3. Questions to challenge and test your current approach to leading change.
  4. How to feel less fear and more optimism about the radical changes impacting our space right now.

For those in leadership positions or aspiring to lead across various levels, from senior executives to engineers and product managers, get valuable takeaways on the effectiveness of integrating both top-down and bottom-up strategies in managing or capitalizing on change. Reserve your spot today!

About David

David Laribee is a change strategist, international speaker, award-winning developer, and co-founder of Nerd/Noir and Dojo Academy. Over the last 25+ years, he’s helped product development teams and organizations unlock their full creative and productive potential, working across a wide variety of industries.

David was an early practitioner and pioneer in several key evolutions in software development, including Domain-Driven Design, immersive learning, product thinking & agility, lean & kanban, and engineering craft.


March 5, 2024, 4:00PM - 5:00PM EST



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