2019 Intern Experience

October 4, 2019

What was your favorite thing about this summer?

“My favorite thing about this summer has been trying out such a wide variety of functions here at SEP.  To name a few, I have gained experience in user research, graphic design, and user experience.” -Laura Buckles

“SEP did a great job at giving me a glimpse into the adult world. I gained the experience of working and living independently.” -Aden Khan

“The best parts of the summer were getting to know my team and becoming more comfortable coding.” -Taylor Sinicropi

“My team members were a real pleasure to be around, and everyone on the floor seemed to function really positively. There was almost always free food and baked goods brought in by someone on the team and I loved talking to and working with the members of my team.  More specifically, it was rewarding spotting a bug in an open source library we were using, then getting the opportunity to submit and merge a PR to fix it.” -Ian Haggerty

“SEP was a step up from my other experiences by focusing on improvement and learning. Team members take the time to review each other’s work allowing individual members to improve their craft. Teams will also take the time to consider how to improve their overall functionality. There’s even a team that works on improving SEP’s workspace. In total, SEP constantly becomes a better and better place to work.” -Sylvia Nees

“SEP has allowed me to get some hands-on experience in dealing with real world situations.  Tasks from helping managers visualize client data to improving the office space itself allowed me to see how many different discussions go into making a business run smoothly.” -Abby Frank

“My favorite aspect of my internship this summer has been the team culture and chemistry. Both have provided me the means to expand my software engineering knowledge base. The willingness of my teammates to answer my questions and provide direction when I don’t know what or how to do something has been key to making my internship so great.” -Seth Fuller

“I highly appreciate my team members’ willingness to offer me guidance throughout my internship. They took a genuine interest in making sure that I felt comfortable with the domain and the problems I was working on and were never unwilling to answer my questions. They are a huge part of the reason why I feel that I learned so much!” -Nikhil Raghuraman

“SEP has made me happy to come to work and has treated me very well over the past two summers.” -Josh Martin