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2021 Interns: How the Summer Went

Our 2021 summer interns shared what they loved most about their internship at SEP. Check it out: Dane Acena “What I loved about SEP is their welcoming culture for curiosity, exploration, and ideas. From the first day of interning at SEP, they have encouraged me to ask a lot of questions, be open to collaboration, […]
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Meet the 2021 Interns

Name: Dane Acena Title: Design Intern School: Clemson University Major: Human-Centered Computing What drew you to SEP?: What drew me to SEP was their welcoming environment. I first saw it when they reached out to me and had continued to see it throughout the interview process. SEPeers are always open and understanding with each other […]
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DIY AI: Sentiment Analysis P2: Implementation

Blog Post Written By: Lisa Lo Once again, we’re back to discuss sentiment analysis. In our last post, we went over what sentiment analysis is, why it’s useful, and the main approaches to solving sentiment analysis. Now, with all that knowledge in hand, it’s time to start coding our own sentiment analyzers! Setup You’ll need […]
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The Mobbed Mob Blog: A Retrospective of Mob Programming

Blog Authors: Nicole Selig, Dane Acena, Jesse Gallardo, Lakshmi Galla, and Blake Steel For unique situations, sometimes you need unique solutions. Our internship has been anything but what most might consider ordinary. We were five interns thrust into a remote work environment due to the worldwide pandemic. We wondered how we would be able to […]
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2020 Interns : How the Summer Went

The 2020 Summer Interns share what they loved most about their SEP experience. Name : Julia Gibson Title : Business Intern “I remember emphasizing during my interviews that I wanted to learn how to solve a problem without step by step instruction or a definitive answer. My education has revolved around maintaining an impressive GPA […]
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DIY AI: Sentiment Analysis P1: The Overview

Blog Post Written By: Lisa Lo In our last (first?) NLP post, we explored Natural Language Processing (NLP). As mentioned, a great place to start discovery of NLP is sentiment analysis since it’s a well-known and studied problem, but also very useful. So, today we’ll be going over an overview of sentiment analysis and how […]
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A Biz-y Summer at SEP

Blog Post Written By: Jaala Naylor Coming into a summer of uncertainty, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a remote internship at a software company. As a business student with a few years’ of college experience,  I anticipated feeling a bit out of place among software engineers. I was eager to see what challenges […]
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A Bag of Words: Levels of Language

Communicating with computers is difficult, as anyone who has used one can attest. The burden is on the individual to clearly communicate with the machine. But what if computers could understand the way we speak naturally? This isn’t just about programming. It’s about all the data that’s stored not in any machine code, but rather […]
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The Many Sides of OCR

Blog Post Written By: Lisa Lo The Overview You may have heard of the phrase Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and may or may not know what it refers to. Admittedly, I was one of those that never heard of it before now, but learning about it definitely makes me wish I knew about it sooner. […]
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