Meet Our Summer 2023 Interns

June 9, 2023
2023 SEP Summer Interns

Caroline Daily

Business Operations Intern
School: Indiana University (Bloomington)
Major: Marketing




What drew you to SEP? “I Initially heard about SEP through a family friend who encouraged me to look into the biz-tern (business intern) position. I was immediately impressed with SEP’s drive to constantly grow, develop, and teach. After talking with various people about what my role here would look like, I knew that SEP was the place I wanted to be during my final summer before graduation. SEP’s company culture, people, and work ethic drew me in, and they continue to impress me each day. I am both grateful and excited to be spending the next few months with SEP!”

Fun Fact: “I’m currently training for my first half-marathon later this year! I’m hoping to run the full thing next spring.”

Shelby Schambach

Business Operations Intern
School: Purdue University
Major: Marketing and General Management




What drew you to SEP? “I initially heard about SEP and their biz-tern (business intern) program through the Ascend Indiana network. Once I learned more about the company by looking through their website and social media profiles, I knew it seemed like a great company to intern with. I loved that their company culture and my values aligned, and the opportunities they provide their biz-terns with were very attractive as a college student who was still in their first year. Everything I read and heard from employees during the application process has held true, and I am so grateful to be spending my summer with SEP!”

Fun Fact: “I own a photography business! I love the flexibility of being able to serve clients on the side while in school and during my internship.”


Andy Jang

Software Engineering Intern
School: IUPUI
Major: Computer Science




What drew you to SEP? “I first heard about SEP at the IUPUI Career Fair where my friends only had positive things to say about this company. After looking into SEP, I found that their professional, yet relaxed environment and their strive to continue to learn and grow were aspects of an internship that I really desired. The opportunity to not only learn about new technologies, but to be able to speak to professionals in this field about their experiences has been invaluable in teaching me things that school would never teach. Meeting new people and experiencing the life of a software developer at SEP has been fantastic. I hope to continue this enjoyable experience throughout the summer!”

Fun Fact: “I’ve been to 48 out of 50 US states. I hope to go to Hawaii and Alaska one day!”


Owen Dossett

Software Engineering Intern
School: Miami University
Major: Biomedical Engineering and Data Science




What drew you to SEP? “Having previously interned at SEP, I enjoyed the environment and the commitment from all the other SEPeers to developing high quality products.  The constantly learning and growing side of SEP is also incredibly appealing, as it aligns well with my own goals to consistently become better at what I do.”

Fun Fact: “I can solve Rubik’s cubes.”

Paolo Gumasing

Software Engineering Intern
School: Purdue University
Major: Computer Science




What drew you to SEP? “My upperclassmen mentor and great friend recommended that I apply to SEP, saying that it was such a great experience with phenomenal people. After doing further research into former interns and blog posts about the social environment and supportive community, I was immediately hooked. Once I stepped into the office, I can say without a doubt that everything everyone says is true. With such amazing people creating great code, you will get nothing less than a perfect learning environment.”

Fun Fact: “I solve chess puzzles before bed.”

Rene Bonilla

Software Engineering Intern
School: IUPUI
Major: Computer Engineering




What drew you to SEP? “During the career fair at my campus, I talked to the recruiters at SEP about the work environment and types of projects they work on which intrigued me a lot. I looked further into the company and seeing the experience they have and most of the projects they are working on made me want to apply and be an intern in SEP. I also knew that if I came here, I would gain a lot of insight and experience from the professional environment that the engineers work in and will help me develop as a professional engineer in the future.”

Fun Fact: “I have been doing Muay Thai for the past 5 years. I also have the cutest niece in the world (she’s 4)!”


Varun Jasti

Software Engineering Intern
School: Purdue University
Major: Computer Science




What drew you to SEP? “I first heard about SEP at a career fair at Purdue during the fall semester. At the career fair I got a chance to talk to Kyle Pinches. Kyle spoke about how SEP operates as a software consulting firm as well as the work culture here. I was immediately drawn to the variety in experience I could gain being able to choose the project that I got to work on. Alongside that I was excited to experience the friendly work culture that Kyle described to me.”

Fun Fact: “I started riding motorcycles last August and that’s a big hobby for me now. I also lived in Australia and Singapore when I was a child.”


Will Trimble

Software Engineering Intern
School: Rochester Institute of Technology
Major: Software Engineering




What drew you to SEP? “My father is a long-time employee of SEP. Seeing him work on different projects as well as SEP’s culture innovative drew me to a summer internship with SEP in hopes of one day becoming a full-time employee.”

Fun Fact: “I picked up the sport of curling last year and was able to compete for my college at the US College Curling National championship this spring.”


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