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Kanban as a change management tool

I am beginning to better understand how effective Kanban can be as a change management tool.  Any kind of change within an organization is often preceded by fear and worry which lead to resistance.  People aren’t sure what’s going to happen, how it’s going to affect the company, or how it’s going to affect them […]
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Agile 2009 Presentation and Materials

I have uploaded both my IEEE submission and presentation.   Both are available for download.  Please let me know any thoughts and/or comments you may have regarding them.
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My Inaugural Post

This being my first blog post, it seems like I should tell people what my blog is about and who I am.  I am a Development Manager at Software Engineering Professionals (SEP). SEP provides managed software services in a variety of industries including products for business, data, and safety critical applications. I have worked for […]
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The Adoption of Kanban Systems at SEP

In 2004, SEP tried adopting Agile practices. However, Agile failed to have the desired lasting impact across the entire organization. Things changed in 2007, when SEP implemented a kanban system for the first time. Kanban created an effective means for institutionalization of Lean by providing a unique method of discovering and learning practices and principles. […]
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