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Flex + Mobile = Mission Abort!

Me and the wife where sitting on the couch the other day; both of us fixed on our respective electronic device.  I was on my laptop launching some Kerbalnauts into space while my wife was on the IPad trying to plan out a bathroom remodeling.  She was getting particularly frustrated in this task, and not for […]
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A C# developer learns Swift Part 5: Segues

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 You’ll probably want to have more than one screen in your application.  In the framework there a a couple of ways of accomplishing this, but I’m going to stick to one particular flavor for this post.  I’m going to go over accomplishing some basic navigation using a navigation controller […]
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A C# developer learns Swift Part 4: UI Basics

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 UI programing in IOS can be simple, yet is a little rough at the same time.  I’ve been working in WPF for the past couple of years, and I prefer it to any other UI framework I’ve tried.  It’s one of those things Microsoft got right. With WPF you do […]
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A C# developer learns Swift Part 3: API Callbacks

Part 1, Part 2 Previously, I mentioned that a major hurdle to learning Swift was the state of the API. Primarily that it is still Objective C based.  Often your code will need to respond to external events generated by these libraries.  Unlike C#, neither Objective C or Swift have the equivalent to the “event” construct.  The […]
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A C# developer learns Swift Part 2: Optionals

This is going to be a quick post on one of the things that Swift does a little differently from other modern languages you may be familiar with. In C# land, we are used to two distinct classes of variables.  The first class are value types like int and double that have a default value […]
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A C# developer learns Swift Part 1: Core Data

Series Intro I’ve always been a PC guy until a few years ago when I bought an IPad 2 for my wife.  Since then, most of my personal electronic devices have been converted to Apple.  As a user, they’re really great.  So naturally, I though I’d give Apple development a shot as well.  I got […]
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C#’s New(ish) Asynchronous Features

On my current project, I was tasked with seeing if I could add some limited auto-complete functionality to the application.  The application centers around a designer view where the user drops in and links predefined elements to create a model.  In these user defined models, it is often necessary that the properties of one element […]
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