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Cloud Migration: Three Big Considerations Before Getting Started

“Cloud Migration” is one of the buzziest topics right now (aside from Generative AI). When we talk to our customers about migrating to the cloud, we want to help them make sure we’re all on the same page about the risks and benefits before we go headlong into that kind of effort. Our makers LOVE […]
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How to Be Successful at SEP

The following document is based on advice shared with all new employees (SEPeers) on their first day at the company. Here at SEP, we all come from different backgrounds; some of us have years of experience at other companies, and others have come straight from school. We are not just engineers, but also testers, designers, […]
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SEP product development team collaborating with whiteboard

Common Elements of an SEP Project Team Area

We often get asked what a typical team setup looks like at SEP. We think these elements help to make our project, client, product, and employee experience better. Kanban Board We like to use physical kanban boards to track work so everyone can see the big picture from 10 feet away. The ability to visualize […]
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Why We Started Book Clubs at Work

We started book clubs at SEP over a decade ago. Since then, we’ve had over 100 book clubs, with more than 75% of the company participating in at least one book club! Book clubs have been such an integral part of SEP’s group learning for a long time – how did this happen anyways? Why […]
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Inviting Clients Into Our Slack Workspace

At SEP, we design and develop software products for our customers. Our ability to do that well is founded on solid technical practices. To take it to the next level, however, we need to be able to seamlessly collaborate with our clients. Over the past few years, we’ve started inviting our clients into our Slack […]
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Email: A Different Kind of User Interface

When I set out to make Apple Health Report, I knew I wanted more than just myself to be able to use it. Aside: The real impetus was a new fitness reimbursement program at SEP that I could get reimbursed for working out without having to go to the gym. I wanted all the reporting/math […]
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Analyze the Crap Out of Your Apple Health/HealthKit Data

As a recent iPhone + Apple Watch convert (see ya, Android and FitBit) my fitness tracking data lives in Apple Health. I want to make charts and graphs and see trends over time (you get the idea, I’m an engineer, I wantneed to engineer and analyze my fitness data). Problem is, there’s not a great way […]
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code example to share git stash

Sharing a Git Stash With Another Developer

Sharing a git stash or single commit with another developer is a pretty easy task, but sometimes I forget EXACTLY what I need to type in to make it work the way I want. Also, BONUS section below for a new thing I learned the last time I did it (yesterday!). I found myself needing a […]
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Study Groups – Learning Together is Better

As I’ve mentioned before, professional development is a big deal at SEP. I love learning with other people. We’ve recently kicked off a new way (for us) to learn with other people: Study Groups. What are Study Groups The idea is to go through an online course, class, book series, or other structured or self-directed […]
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