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large agriculture vehicle in crop field

The Future is Now: Dig Into the Advantages of AI in Agriculture

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing agriculture in major ways. Some of the cutting-edge advantages of AI in agriculture include improved crop management, increased efficiency, and reduced costs. AI Drives Precision Ag One of the most significant advantages of AI in agriculture is improved crop management in precision ag. It allows us to understand data […]
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Robot at a computer

Everything You Wanted to Know About How AI Reduces Business Costs But Were Afraid to Ask

With all of the excitement for AI in the news, you may find yourself wondering, “How does AI reduce costs?”. AI has many business applications, from the flashy to the shockingly mundane. While there’s no way to know upfront how AI can transform your business, here are three broad ways AI reduces costs: #1. AI […]
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complex manufacturing plant machine photo

The Common Business Applications of AI That We Rely on Every Day

In the modern era, many of us feel like we understand what AI is.  After all, it’s around us every day.  It’s in our novels and movies and news.  It’s in our businesses and our competitors. It’s in our medicine and our health care.  Though we may not think about it, it touches nearly every […]
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customer service team member smiling on a call

How AI in Customer Service Helps Humans Do More Than Ever Before

AI is changing every facet of our lives, from the way we cook to the way we work. Customer service is the most important aspect of any business. It defines the relationship between business and customers. Like all aspects of work, AI is changing how we approach customer service. Full Automation? More Like Fool Automation […]
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Well-done Writing is Rare

I read a lot. I read for pleasure, and I read for work. I read poetry, fiction, and graphic novels. I even read the occasional textbook on how laws around pornography give us a unique view into the changing social landscape of 19th century England. That one, by the way, is a real page turner. […]
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Networking Engineers

One of the most useful skills I picked up during my Ph.D. studies was how to turn light refreshments into a whole meal.  The trick is to combine hunger and the ability to ignore shame for personal gain. Then one needs only spend an awful lot of time at the end of an event milling […]
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Elderly Hands

Identifying AI Opportunities: A Hypothetical Case Study

Previously, we discussed how there is a large class of business problems that AI can address.  Here, we’re going to follow up that thought with a hypothetical case study. In particular, we’ll look at how AI could be part of a product for addressing elder care. When we hear elder care and artificial intelligence some remarkable […]
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AI at work on assembly line

Identifying AI Opportunities

We often hear or read that artificial intelligence will change the world as we know it. This misses the mark; AI has changed the world that we live in forever. It isn’t some futuristic technology that will alter our lives someday. It’s a feature in products that we interact with today. Artificial intelligence isn’t a […]
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(Machine) Learning By Doing

We’ve discussed several applications of machine learning before. We teach a machine a concept from stored data so that it can: Identify problems with engines from telemetry data Identify digits from handwriting Identify sticky notes on a board Identify the winning team in DotA from team compositions The common thrust is that, using supervised learning, […]
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