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Flipping Flapjacks, Pruning Pancakes, and Depth First Steps

In the previous post in this series I spent some time trying to convince you that toy problems are worthy of your attention. In particular, I tried to sell you on the notion that the pancake problem was worthy of your attention.  It isn’t necessarily because flipping flapjacks is in of itself fascinating.  It’s because […]
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Ridiculous Problems, Real Applications

Life is filled with compromises. Generally, we just don’t have the resources, be they time, money or and so on, to do the things we want to do as well as we’d like.  While I can’t solve that problem entirely or generally, I can help you intelligently trade time for improved solutions to problems that […]
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Machine Learning for Classifying Turbine Engine Performance

Introduction Machine learning is at least as old as Arthur Samuel’s attempts to improve his checkers playing programs back in the 1950s (Some Studies in Machine Learning Using the Game of Checkers), if not older still.  Despite being around for decades, machine learning has received intense interest recently from the public, the scientific community, and […]
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