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Mothballing VLAT

Be deliberate.  It’s probably the thing I soapbox about second only to continuous feedback.  In line with practicing what I preach I have to make an announcement.  Recently in agreement with management I put VLAT in mothballs for the time being. What I want to do is explain why we drew the conclusion to mothball […]
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What is a startup?

I want to ask a question, give my opinion, and complain about something. “What is a startup?” I’ve run into two schools of thought on what a startup is. The Webster’s Camp The fine folk at Webster’s use this definition “a fledgling business enterprise”.  I would phrase it as “A business that is just starting”.  […]
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VLAT Interviews

SEP is in the process of developing a new product called VLAT (Valuable Line Assessment Tool). VLAT is designed to provide reports and metrics about the quality of a unit test suite. (Think code coverage metrics, but more about how valuable the testing assertions are.) I am looking for candidates for a product discovery activity.  […]
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What happens to all those startup weekend projects?

We do startup weekend twice a year.  The outcome of which is 2-5 things.  These things are actually a couple things.  They are all software (at least to date, more discussion on that is coming).  Some are prototypes, proofs of concept, or MVPs.  The other thing that all of them are is SEP assets.  Like […]
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