VLAT Interviews

June 24, 2014


SEP is in the process of developing a new product called VLAT (Valuable Line Assessment Tool). VLAT is designed to provide reports and metrics about the quality of a unit test suite. (Think code coverage metrics, but more about how valuable the testing assertions are.)

I am looking for candidates for a product discovery activity.  I need to conduct interviews to learn about the environments of potential clients with regard to validation testing, code quality, and automated tool usage.  Potential candidates are likely software team or tech leads, but anyone who would evaluate and promote a code analysis tool for use on a software project could be helpful.  The interview is an hour long and can be conducted anywhere and anytime that is convenient and comfortable for the volunteer.

This is not a sales activity.  I don’t even have a finished product to try and sell.  It’s strictly for product research.

If you or anyone you know would be interested (and willing) to do a short interview with us please contact me at lrorgan@sep.com.