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Several examples of NLP

A while ago I wrote on a topic that, technically, I’m not super qualified to write about. That topic was agglutination and it was a ton of fun for me, despite my lack of linguistics training, because I’m passionate about language. Today I’m going to fold that passion (about language) into something I’m educated in […]
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Exploring AWS IoT Analytics

You may have heard of the “Internet of Things” (IoT), which can call to mind “smart light bulbs” or “smart electrical outlets” or “smart doorbells”. Usually when consumers talk about IoT they talk about Home Automation, which is only a single application of IoT. The patterns can be used for massive problems, like Smart Grid […]
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On tests and testing

Hello, gentle reader. Please allow me to rock your entire human face by dropping this truth bomb: Tests are about more than testing. “Obviously!” you yell, your riposte ringing out triumphantly against what is seemingly a rather anemic statement. The truth bomb has failed to detonate. Your entire human face remains unrocked. If you’ve ever […]
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My manager gave me an AWS IoT button…

With the touch of a button you can notify the world that you touched a button. I was sitting at my desk the other day, busily shifting paradigms and engaging synergies, when my manager plopped a small brown paper box on my desk. plop “What’s this?” I asked, setting aside my efforts to break down silos through […]
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Puppet – Configuration Management Ignite Talk

I recently gave my very first ignite talk, which was on a configuration management tool called Puppet. The short version of the already short ignite talk is: Puppet is cool. You should understand it enough to feel comfortable keeping it in your toolbox. Puppet – Simple Configuration Management from Mike Rogers
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Mutation Testing – Totally a Thing

Reposted from the original host Mutation Testing Mutation testing is a way to verify that your code is covered by tests. Oh? Go on… “What, like code coverage?” you may ask. Or, you may say “you want me to test my tests? That’s stupid. You’re stupid” which are not dissimilar from my reactions to mutation […]
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Builds should fail sometimes

Reposted from my personal blog “Well, you don’t want your builds to succeed all the time…” I remember hearing that for the first time a year or two ago and thinking to myself “that’s probably one of those counter-intuitive truths that make a lot of sense in the context of Agile. This guy is probably some kind […]
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