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How Interaction Design Changes Our World, One Interaction at a Time

I walk into the kitchen for coffee, and my Google Home says, “Good morning!” My schedule for the day pops up on the screen. The assistant tells me how long it will take to get to work now that I have started driving my son to school. In the car, the map and arrival estimates […]
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Employees at SEP working from the office.

Is going back to the office really worth it?

Travel back in time with me to November 2021… SEP executives felt that we do our best work together, in person. We had a date set – December 6, 2021. The opening of our new headquarters in Westfield, IN. This was happening. After almost two years of working from home, we are returning to the […]
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A Pandemic Isn’t a Reason to Stop Researching (but… It Might Be a Good Reason to Start)

When it comes to doing user research, I’m always going to recommend learning with someone in their own space. Seeing someone use your product in their environment will always add more context to your investigation. Generally, research falls into these categories: exploratory/generative research (looking to understand problems, needs, goals, etc.) evaluative research (benchmarking your understanding, […]
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WFH: Using Zoom Meetings to Get Things Done

One week into working from home I learned real quick that “what was” couldn’t continue. Suddenly my family became my co-workers. We were thrust into a new life and all we had was old mental models to draw from on how we lived life up until that moment. The life we had built and the […]
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Building a Circle of Support: Letting others in, being vulnerable, and gaining self-awareness

Cue the “Meet the Parents” meme… We’ve all seen it, the awkward moment where Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro are in the dressing room and good ol’ future father-in-law is accusing Ben Stiller’s character of nefarious acts: The thing I love about that scene is someone caring about another person enough to call them […]
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So a UX Architect and a Software Engineer Had a Baby

On St. Patrick’s day this year, life forever changed for me and my husband, Aaron. A baby arrived in the world after months of planning. But nothing could have prepared me for the joy my heart would feel for our Little Man. Oh, we got this. We’re gonna nail this parenting thing. I’m an Experience […]
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From Jokes to Critiques: Feedback the Way You Want It

Unintentional Metaphors So I had this ah-ha moment yesterday while sitting on my couch with my fiancé. He was reading to me what I think was a ridiculous thread of Reddit Dad Jokes, and we just couldn’t stop laughing. I was trying to work on a lightning talk for our SEP Product Guild and he kept refocusing me […]
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Join us at Midwest UX 2014

“Are you feeling crazy?” That’s the moment I remember when working with Lydia Whitehead after we got our Master degrees in the School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI. We received an invite to apply to host Midwest UX. It asked, “Is your city ready to host Midwest UX?” Lydia and I agreed that this […]
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Importance of User Research

Unfortunately, the word research has gotten a bad rep over the years. Someone hears research and suddenly they think high dollars and waste of resources. Most people think of it being a waste of time without understanding it’s value, importance, and outcomes. But it’s important. So important that it’s probably the reason the experience of […]
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