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Your Application Is Already Mobile

A while back, we were planning some mobile app development with one of our clients for several months. We would essentially be porting two web applications to native mobile apps. We discussed what functionality is useful to people in the mobile setting, security, what device and network to use, etc. Exciting stuff, and a scenario […]
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How To Fail At Technical Leadership

Most people in technical leadership got there because they demonstrated excellence doing technical things. Unfortunately, technical leadership is a completely different job. It can certainly be learned, but some lessons are typically learned the hard way. Here are some ways to make that transition badly: Don’t provide structure You were their teammate. Now you’re their […]
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If You’re Sending Me a Resume…

I’m old enough to have a professional life pre-internet. One of the wonders I didn’t see coming is how quickly good, free, detailed, often illustrated advice on how to do ANYTHING would be available via said Internet. Resume writing advice is quite common with 67.8m hits on Google. So most people are writing good resumes, […]
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The Connected Engineer

One of the hats I wear at SEP is Recruiting Director – I’m responsible for the engineering talent we bring in. I was recently asked how recruiting has changed over time, things we’re looking for now that we didn’t before. The core criteria (must have’s, if you will) haven’t changed for us: Smart, Fit, and […]
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The Optimistic Interviewer

The 2012 SEP Blog Battle continues. The Optimistic Interviewer is a fool. Consider the likelihood of failure. If you’re interviewing, you’re looking for a job. If you’re hiring, you need more people. What are the chances that either of you are in an ideal frame of mind to be evaluating each other? On top of […]
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Good idea, bad idea…

Another installment in SEP’s 2012 Blog Battle. I’m lucky enough to work in a place that’s fertile ground for ideas. There’s freedom in the work and the work environment. People aren’t punished for trying things. We have good resources at our disposal. Part of my role is to help people in and out of SEP […]
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I Don’t Have Time – Blog Battle Response

Blog Battle – SEP is currently having a blog battle between some of the employees. This weeks challenge is the title – I Don’t Have Time. I can’t imagine why, but people seem to think they want my time. Have a second for a question? Are you available later today to look at something? Can […]
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Cool Resource for Software Engineers

Last year we got rid of our traditional annual review system and replaced it with sensible component parts (career guidance, skill assessments, etc.) It would take several posts to explain the reasoning and mechanics, so just trust me when I say it was a Good Thing ™. One of the replacement systems is “one-on-ones”, a […]
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Another Milestone for SEP

The Lean Software & Systems Conference started today. This is the most SEP has ever been involved in a conference in terms of sponsorship, speaking, and involvement. Kelly Wilson, our fabulous organizational and marketing ninja  did much of the legwork setting up the conference and Chris Shinkle is speaking today. We also have four people […]
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