I Don’t Have Time – Blog Battle Response

October 25, 2012

Blog Battle – SEP is currently having a blog battle between some of the employees. This weeks challenge is the title – I Don’t Have Time.

I can’t imagine why, but people seem to think they want my time.

Have a second for a question? Are you available later today to look at something? Can you spare a few minutes? Dad look what I made!

Paraphrasing Brian and Jon, I’ve made some commitments. I’m married. I’ve brought three people into the world (well, I helped anyway). My job is demanding and I care about doing it well. I own a house in a neighborhood with covenants about its upkeep. We have pets. Those commitments aren’t optional now that I’ve made them, so it’s more or less true that I don’t have time.

But time isn’t really what anyone’s asking for, is it? I can come to your meeting and give you some “time” … and stare at my phone. I can stare intently at you while you discuss an opportunity but be mentally checked out thinking about my crappy fantasy football team. I can review your document but be fuming about the jerk who cut me off this morning.

No, what people want is attention. I don’t mean in the teenage angst, someone notice me, sort of way; I mean in the full engagement sort of way. Be here, in this moment, and help/notice/advise/appreciate me! That’s way more precious than a few ticks of a clock. And luckily, I do have a bit of that to give.