AgileIndy Conference – Bringing The Best in Indianapolis Tech Back Together

September 28, 2023
Chris Shinkle speaking at AgildIndy, 2023

AgileIndy 2023 was buzzing with innovation around all things software development. We were thrilled to be back with so many clients and colleagues for inspiring and thought-provoking conversations about the industry’s future.

SEP team members at AgileIndy Conference 2023This year’s keynotes were compelling—Mike Cottmeyer at LeadingAgile and Ryan Ripley and Todd Miller from Agile for Humans—outlining systematic approaches and evidence-based management for agile teams.

Overall, the conference served as an inspirational hub for fostering growth, exploration, and connection in the heart of Central Indiana.

Two seasoned product development specialists from SEP took to the stage, sharing their expertise and insights spanning from using roadmaps to connect product strategy with execution to using agile principles within the constraints of industry regulation.

Check out each of the session videos below:

Connecting Product Strategy to Execution Using Roadmaps: This is the way!

Chris Shinkle
Director of Innovation

About This Talk

Is your roadmap Agile? Does it help your organization stay aligned and respond to changing targets? Does it promote agility?

Today’s business environment is easily one of the most complex and volatile we’ve ever seen. Agile companies that successfully adapt their product strategy and execution plans are positioned to win.

Successful roadmapping links strategic planning with the actual product and project execution. Roadmaps provide clarity into planning and empowers decision-makers with the necessary information to adjust the plan—giving them the necessary knowledge to see how decisions impact the business, products, and projects.

Transferable Lessons from Agile in a Regulated Industry

Paul Steele
Senior Software Engineer

About This Talk

Agile in a regulated industry can look wildly different from Agile in other industries. Memos, formal test plans, and signed legal documents might seem like a far cry from the “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools” statement that is at the heart of the agile movement.

Many of these processes don’t make sense for non-regulated scenarios, but with a few modifications, an equal amount of these strict checklists can be transformed into helpful tools that any project can benefit from.

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