Minimizing Risk When Launching a Product

February 5, 2014

How does a business minimize the uncertainty and risk it faces when launching a new product to market?

Markets are full of uncertainties with ever changing demands. New products are entering the marketplace all the time. These products cause severe turbulence and unexpected outcomes.

Companies operate with scarce resources – time, budget, and information. In this environment, companies must be selective about the products in which they choose to invest. However, traditional funding models lead to risky project portfolios and missed opportunities.

Companies who solely focus on improving practices and processes will not overcome these obstacles. They must develop new ways to evaluate projects, meet the ever-changing market demands, and ensure the right product is being built.

Come listen to Chris as he shares how SEP is using Lean concepts to help clients improve decision. Hear how some simple tools have helped companies make smarter business decisions and take advantage of new opportunities.