SEP Talks Event: Closing the Gap Between Idea and Delivery

About the Session:

Your boss hands you a strategic initiative and says, “This is critical. We need you to make this happen.”  You’re excited, but…This is a long way from a plan. Is everyone aligned on what we’re trying to do?  We don’t want to build this twice. Where do you even start?

This situation is all too common.  The organization formulates a business case or strategy. The idea is great, but there’s a big gap between this notion and a delivery plan – and you need to move! How do we get clarity on the strategy? Translate it into a plan we can actually work? Get everyone aligned? Shake out the risks?

Chris will share how SEP has helped companies overcome these obstacles. In this session, we’ll share ideas to:

  • Develop a product-centric approach 
  • Overcome organizational constraints
  • Create alignment and facilitate better decision making
  • Move from rigid plan to organizational agility

More Details

3:30 – Registration & Refreshments
4:00 – Session Begins (1 hour)


Chris Shinkle serves as SEP’s Director of Innovation. He has been a thought leader and initiator of new ideas and continuous improvement at SEP since 1997. His experience comes from building products with many clients in a variety of industries, including aerospace, medical, healthcare, and finance.


February 9, 2023, 4:00PM - 5:00PM EST



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