Chris Shinkle

Director of Innovation


Chris Shinkle has been a thought leader and initiator of new ideas and continuous improvement at SEP since 1997. His experience comes from building products with many clients in a variety of industries, including aerospace, medical, healthcare, and finance.

Chris introduced and led SEP’s adoption of Agile in 2004, followed by Lean and Kanban in 2007. He has used these methods for leading large, complex projects, including aircraft engine monitoring and maintenance systems and an FDA-regulated remote patient monitoring system.

As SEP’s Director of Innovation, Chris leverages many community ideas to help SEP engineers and clients deliver better products. Chris speaks at conferences across the United States promoting Agile, Lean/Kanban, Product Management, and Design Thinking. Chris was an inaugural member of the Lean Systems Society Fellowship and Indiana’s TechPoint Tech 25. His dedication to the community was recognized in 2013, when he was a Lean Kanban North America Brickell Key Award Nominee.

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