Transforming Operations Through Cloud Development Services

Our healthcare client needed help establishing a modern cloud environment that met their security controls and HIPAA compliance needs to build a solid foundation for the future.

Our cloud development services helped our client migrate from Heroku to AWS with zero downtime, making their cloud operations more secure, cost effective, and easy to maintain.

What We Did

Cloud Development, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Tech Stack

AWS, Heroku, Jenkins, GitHub Actions, Node JS, Python


Our client was using Heroku as the cloud platform for a complex health information ecosystem. The technology was not meeting security controls and HIPAA compliance needs. They wanted a broader toolkit of HIPAA-covered cloud services for data storage, transmission, and processing. They approached SEP for a better solution.

This began a multi-year partnership between our companies with a vision to develop a modern cloud environment. Infrastructure automation would improve quality and security, reduce human error, increase reliability, and enable faster development of new product lines. As partners on this cloud development project, active collaboration allowed us to recommend solutions that made our client’s cloud operations more secure, cost effective, and easy to maintain. 

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With an understanding of the team’s pain and limitations of Heroku, we identified the core needs of a better cloud platform solution. Our team recommended moving from Heroku to Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS would provide the security controls and HIPAA compliance our client needed.

Our client wanted to minimize disruptions to the development team during migration. To achieve this, we duplicated the existing infrastructure, thoroughly tested, and migrated to AWS with zero downtime.

After the migration, we: 

  1. Identified possible improvements and built rapid prototypes to validate.
  2. Re-architected the system to be cloud native, a better fit for the AWS ecosystem.
  3. Collaborated with our client to develop operational processes, created documentation, and conducted training on the new cloud environment.
  4. Moved the Jenkins CI/CD pipeline to GitHub Actions in alignment with organizational direction.
  5. Developed CI/CD automation to reduce the time and cost of manual deployments and minimize the likelihood and impact of deployment failures.


With modern architecture in place, our client has a foundation to build on. The functionality we built allows our client to develop new product lines and more quickly bring those products to market. Most impressive, our solution was assessed by Amazon’s Solution Architects and mastered the pillars of their AWS Well-Architected Review.

While the migration from Heroku to AWS was completed in 2018, SEP continues to partner with our client, providing cloud development services and incorporating innovative technologies to meet our client’s evolving needs. Our team is actively working with our client to fully automate and revolutionize their deployment process.

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