Optimizing Workforce Efficiency

Our client asked us to reimagine their golf course workforce management tool. Their current solution was not meeting their customers’ needs, so customers had returned to manually planning each day’s work.

We worked together to develop a tool that allows golf course superintendents to easily create daily work schedules that optimize their staff utilization and decreases operating costs. By the end of our engagement, the application’s number of subscribers was growing by 13% each week.

What We Did

Web Development, Collaborative Product Discovery, Visual Design, UX Design, Product Management

Tech Stack

Ember.js, NodeJS, Express, AWS, Bootstrap


Golf courses need a great deal of behind-the-scenes care to remain as beautiful and playable as their customers expect. Golf course superintendents need to maximize their crews’ efficiency and standardize their daily labor planning process to best care for their courses.

Our client is a leading manufacturer of outdoor power equipment, including mowers and complementary solutions for managing golf course operations. Their core workforce management offering was not meeting customer needs for speed and ease of use. As a result, customers returned to a manual process to plan the day’s work, giving up the opportunity for historical data tracking. This historical information helps superintendents optimize their staff utilization and reduce operating costs. It allows them to see exactly where their labor dollars are being spent. To help our client bring this tool to life, we teamed up to design and build a reimagined user experience.


In order to build a shared understanding, we facilitated a discovery workshop to determine the best design, platform, and architecture for our client’s product. Together, we developed the new look and feel of the user interface. We created a product that would resonate best with its primary users, golf course superintendents. They need to quickly and easily create daily work schedules. Moving forward with the design, we developed the web-based application to meet those needs.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Ability to create flexible, reorderable daily staff job schedules
  • Ability to re-use historical schedules
  • Responsive design, supporting both desktop and mobile web browsers beautifully


Initial reactions from beta users and tradeshow attendees were extremely positive. Users appreciated its simplicity and ease of use. The application’s subscription service gained about 13% more subscribers each week.

Along with improved data collection, the new application met our client’s key goal of significantly lowering the barrier for adoption. Golf course superintendents are now able to collect and track the necessary data to make informed operational decisions. The information helps them keep their golf courses looking and running perfectly.

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