Creating a Saas solution to improve mobile apps

We noticed a challenge our enterprise clients were facing: gathering meaningful data about their software products on a global scale. We decided to build a solution that would allow customers to get quick feedback on their applications or even get competitive information on their competitors’ applications.

We called our solution Telescope. Telescope aggregates all of an application’s reviews, translates them into English from 30+ other languages, and integrates with email and Slack to provide real-time notifications to the product team. Telescope allows product teams to listen to their users and quickly deliver valuable changes to an application.


What We Did

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), Visual Design, UX Design, Web Development, Cloud Development, Product Management, Business Intelligence

Tech Stack

Azure, Bootstrap, C#, F#, Javascript, Azure Cognitive Services


We noticed how hard it was for our enterprise clients to gather meaningful data about their products on a global scale. Different platforms, countries, and languages make it difficult to access this data and draw meaningful conclusions from it. While working on a mobile medical app project, we envisioned a product management tool to remedy that need. We built a web solution that would help our customers get quick feedback on their applications or their competitor’s apps: Telescope.


Telescope makes it easy to monitor and analyze product reviews and make better product roadmap decisions. It connects a product team making those decisions to the users of their product in real-time.

Telescope aggregates all of an application’s reviews from various app stores into one place. We integrated it with email and Slack, making it easy to get the right notifications when needed. With the real-time notification, bugs get identified and fixed quickly.

For global mobile apps, Telescope translates reviews into English from 30+ languages all over the world. Not having to wait for international coworkers to translate helps global organizations get user feedback faster.

We built Telescope leveraging Azure technology. Using continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) made it easy to set up a build pipeline and then deploy to our Azure instances.

To ensure Telescope is responsive on every browser and device, we used Bootstrap as our front-end framework. Our development team included visual designers who used illustration, typography, and color theory to create Telescope’s look and feel.


Using Telescope, we were able to take user suggestions for new features, integrate them into our backlog faster, build, and then release. Telescope allows us to listen to our users and quickly deliver valuable changes to an application.

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