Being Your Best Self With Cloverleaf

November 6, 2023

Our guest is Kirsten Moorfield, she’s the cofounder and COO at Cloverleaf. We got to hear Kirsten on a panel at a conference here in Indy and really resonated with a lot of what she shared. Our conversation went a few directions but a few things stood out to us.

  • How Kirsten made a massive pivot to start a tech company
  • Why she finds the work at Cloverleaf so encouraging
  • Kirsten’s ‘Ah Ha’ moments in building this product

The most surprising thing we talked about was how she discovered that less time for users on their platform was a good thing. Cloverleaf is an automated and scalable coaching platform for companies who want to help their employees be the best versions of themselves. You can find out more information about them and even try them out for free at

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Being Your Best Self With Cloverleaf

Our guest is Kirsten Moorfield, she’s the cofounder and COO at Cloverleaf. We talked about a number of things related to her pivot into tech, the journey she's had so far and why she feels the work at Cloverleaf is so needed and important.
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