Many Paths to Success

January 15, 2021

Wes Winham joins us to share his journey to building Woven, a powerful hiring assessment product. He explains how his own painful hiring experience led to the creation of Woven and describes his team’s experience as they grew the product and company.

Wes reflects on lessons learned and the discipline it took to stick to a no-code approach to building the product. His non-traditional approach to growing a startup, hiring, and working with investors give Wes a unique perspective to share.

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Chris Keaney: Vibenomics

Chris Keaney of Vibenomics joins us to share how his team is blazing the trail for a new way of advertising. We also explore Vibenomics' evolution from SaaS to advertising and from self-service to managed services.
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Diana Nolting

Some people fall into product management, but other people have to work their way into it. Diana Nolting, VP of Product at SkuVault, joins us for this episode to share what she's learned from fighting her way into product management.
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Joan Santiago and Don Kane share how Zotec's Agile approach provides the flexibility they need to make important updates to the ISDH's COVID-19 testing and vaccination scheduling application and other critical products. They also discuss the unique challenges and tight timelines they faced and the importance of trust to their success.
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