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The Power of Power BI

Level Up Your Data with Custom Power BI Charts

This article was co-written by Jeremy Jarvis and Dante LaRocca. In our data-driven world, businesses rely on understanding the data that drives them. This involves visualizing data in a clear and digestible way, enabling them to make informed decisions. Even if the data is rich and accurate, the visuals must be carefully designed to surface […]
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The Pico-8 logo

Exploring Game Development with Pico-8

Today, I will walk you through a few steps to start learning game development with Pico-8. Video games are all around us. They connect to our TVs, occupy our computers, and ride along with us in our pockets. Our experiences with them ranging from a quick, fun diversions to immersive multi-hour sagas. Many of us […]
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Powerful Visual Testing with Applitools

Note: This article was originally posted here on my personal blog. —– Up until last year, I had a long-standing impression that automated visual testing was a difficult nut to crack. Simple screenshot comparison tools can be finicky, and doing it manually can take years off your life. Believe me, I know. It’s rough. Figuring […]
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