Behind the Product, a Software Development Podcast

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how software products are made. From the people who innovate to the makers who use their craft, each influences products in different ways.

In our Behind the Product podcast, we put the spotlight on the practices that guide decision makers in solving some of society’s toughest challenges.

Behind SEP: Sales

In this special episode, three SEPeers share their perspectives on how we approach sales at SEP.
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Tracey Kantrud & Katelyn Renner

Tracey Kantrud and Katelyn Renner, Product Managers at FBS, share how they're maturing their product organization and making incremental changes to improve their product while minimizing disruption to users.
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Tony Poon

Tony Poon, Chief Product Officer at R-Zero, shares lessons from the variety of challenges he's faced, from battling ego as a product leader to developing products in the biosafety industry.
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Bob Moesta

Author, speaker, and thought leader Bob Moesta shares tools, philosophies, and practices for optimizing product management.
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Agile2022: Josh Kerievsky

We sat down with Agile practitioner and speaker Josh Kerievsky to discuss his journey into the software product world before his keynote presentation at the Agile2022 conference.
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Agile2022: Dan Vacanti

We sat down with author and speaker Dan Vacanti after his presentation at the Agile2022 conference to discuss how we interpret data.
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Mike Seidle

Mike Seidle, Co-Founder and CTO of PivotCX, shares how his team combines tech and human touch to dramatically reduce time to hire and onboard new employees.
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Lindsay Boccardo

Speaker, trainer, and coach Lindsay Boccardo shares how we can navigate generational divides and bridge the gap between a variety of perspectives.
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Abhishek Nayak: Chasing Simplicity

Abhishek Nayak, Co-Founder and CEO of Appsmith, shares what he's learned through founding multiple startups and how he pursues simplicity at scale.
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