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With decades of experience in the automotive and heavy machinery industry, our teams have built software that helps manage equipment fleets, monitors and predicts critical maintenance, and more.

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The Future of Automotive & Heavy Machinery Software

For three decades, we have been developing solutions for global equipment manufacturers and enterprise companies with high costs of failure. We understand the complexities facing industry leaders as technology advances rapidly.

Whether it’s crafting a user-friendly interface or incorporating AI-driven enhancements into your current systems, our skilled makers are prepared to confront your most demanding obstacles head-on.

  • Embedded Display Systems
  • Engine Performance Simulators
  • Fleet Management Tools
  • Over 30 Years of Experience
  • Global & Fortune 500 Contracts
  • Cutting-Edge Technology

Client Success in the Automotive & Heavy Machinery Industry

desktop application screen next to a monitor showing an open highway

Propelling a New Generation of Tractors

We used our extensive Agile expertise to design an embedded display system for a new generation of tractors.

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construction foreman in safety gear taking notes on site

Managing and Monitoring Heavy Machinery

Our heavy machinery manufacturing client needed to help 150k equipment dealers manage their fleets of vehicles.

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view from a forklift in a warehouse

Moving Forklift Assets Forward

See how we gave our client a strategic development boost to meet a key deadline to release a new suite of mobile and embedded products in fast-paced warehouse environments.

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stacks of logs and lumber

Optimizing Sawmill Equipment

We built a prototype optimizer to test its technical feasibility for a leading sawmill equipment manufacturer to maximize the amount of usable lumber they can make from logs.

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racetrack at sunset

Helping a Racing Team Wave the Checkered Flag

We reimagined a complex aerodynamic modeling and simulation tool as a desktop app for our race engine manufacturing client.

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construction leaders reviewing laptop on-site

Proactive Analysis & Monitoring of Diesel Engine Fleets

We partnered with our client over the course of several years to bring a diesel engine health and maintenance tool to life.

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green crop with sun shining through the trees

Preventing Rework in the Field

We built an embedded solution to transmit telemetry data from one ag machine’s display to another via a cellular network in near-real time, minimizing rework and waste of materials.

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desktop application screen next to a monitor showing an open highway

Simulating Diesel Engine Performance

We built a desktop app simulator that measured diesel engine performance to accurately estimate how specific routes, weather conditions, and time impact the maintenance and upkeep of the engines.

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empty train station

Modernizing a Global Transportation Application

We teamed up with our client to modernize their application, allow easy access for daily users, and mitigate security concerns.

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We learned so much from SEP. They came in with a consultative approach and what we were able to accomplish in a short amount of time was scalable and practical. The work really made a difference in the future of product development at our organization.
Jill W., Director of Marketing Innovation

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