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Emerging technologies. Consumer products. Regulated systems. We thrive on the work that others can’t—or won’t—handle. Which means we’re always learning. Always collaborating. And always finding new and better ways to craft what’s next. Check out what we’ve already accomplished.

Industry expertise

We’ve spent decades working with clients across a wide array of industries—helping them innovate everything from aircraft engines to smart home security. You can rest assured that no matter what space you’re in, we’ve got the technical chops to bring your big ideas to life.

Modernizing a global transportation application

We teamed up with our client to modernize their application, allow easy access for daily users, and mitigate security concerns.
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Modeling manufacturing systems

We created a user-friendly desktop application that helps our client easily represent their manufacturing processes.
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Enhancing an automated testing suite

Our biotechnology client was looking to upgrade their flow cytometer desktop app used in laboratory analysis. We created
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Paving the way for safer skies

We worked with our client over the course of 25+ years to update and add new features to their aircraft ground station controls desktop software.
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Managing neonatal patient nutrition

A hospital system NICU lacked adequate tools to gather information about their neonatal patients' nutritional needs
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Simulating diesel engine performance

To determine the outcome of road conditions on diesel engine performance, our heavy equipment manufacturer client needed
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Servicing fleets of vehicles

We partnered with our client over the course of several years to bring a diesel engine health and maintenance tool to life.
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Crossing platforms to connect diabetes data

We built a cross-platform desktop app that allows users to upload medical device information to the cloud.
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Reimagining a cost analysis tool

We helped our Fortune 500 client transform a vital Excel tool into a modern, highly usable desktop application.
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