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meHive: The story of our mobile app

At SEP, we are always on the look out for new things to learn.  When we saw a surge in mobile development, we decided to tinker with some new technology. And what better way to do it than learn along with our interns on our own mobile product? The year was 2013, and we decided […]
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Using Azure Functions to Deliver REST API

This is a follow-up to my previous post about hosting a simple React App in Azure. I would like to begin with the caveat that both posts are meant to be used as steps to deploy to Azure as quickly as possible. Production-level apps will need to address other concerns such as custom domains, scaling, […]
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Hosting a React Web App in Azure with CI/CD in Five Easy Steps

There are a few blog posts out there that already show you how to do this, but since I encountered a few issues, I thought I’d document what worked for me. These are the very simple steps I followed to set up my web app in Azure, with continuous integration and deployment. Step 1: Create […]
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2 Practices We Adopted Since Going Remote

My team of five has been working together on a cloud-based learning system for nearly a year. Since going remote, we needed to find a way to keep us connected just as if we were working next to each other in the office. We decided to try two new things: – End of the Day […]
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Why we invest so much in Professional Development

We are living in a technological renaissance.  It is a period of change only last seen between the fourteen and seventeenth centuries when Europe moved from the middle ages to modern times, leading into the industrial revolution.  The last twenty years  have led to unimaginable changes in the way we conduct our lives and our […]
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My takeaways from AgileIndy 2018

This year I finally decided to attend AgileIndy, although I’ve been toying with the idea for several years, and have been trying to practice (successfully or unsuccessfully) agile methods for over 10 years.  I’m glad I finally did, because every session I attended had something that I could take away with me (I now have […]
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SEP DevOps Ignite Talks – Docker

This is the next in the series of DevOps Ignite talks that were given at SEP in January to present the different tools available for software configuration and deployment.  It was a talk about Docker and its capabilities.  Below are the slides from the talk. Docker slides from Jyotsna Raghuraman
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meHive, an experiment in product development

From time to time, SEP makes forays into product development.  As a service company, we face many challenges as we do this, the single biggest challenge being allocation of dedicated resources to work on the product.  Since our revenue is intimately connected with our people, it is difficult to tie them up in an effort […]
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What is Node.js, and other lightweight musings on new web technologies

JavaScript web technologies have sprouted like weeds over the last few years. While I was busy working on desktop and mobile applications, it seemed like a massive JavaScript wave engulfed the software world.  The last time I did anything in the web space was with ASP.NET, AJAX, Silverlight, Flash, and a little Ruby on Rails.  […]
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