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SEP Wins TechPoint’s 2024 Innovation Service Partner of the Year Mira Award

SEP Recognized as Indiana’s Top Innovation Service Partner, Winning TechPoint’s Prestigious Mira Award Westfield, Indiana - SEP has been named the Innovation Service Partner of the Year by TechPoint at the 25th annual Mira Awards. The Mira Awards, Indiana’s largest…
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1. Big Data. 2. Now what?

True confessions: I am learning R, finally, after living and loving SPSS for many years. I am no expert in Big Data, having only been responsible for about 40GBs (about a million records of a thousand variables each) of data goodness in a previous work-life. [For an answer to What is Big Data, see this article.] […]
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5 Ways All Software Projects are Product Replacements

I was updating my bio at work for the last few projects I’ve been on since I was between projects. I looked back at some of the projects I’ve worked on and remembered the “good ol’ times”. Some projects were executed well and the client appreciated the outcome (read: warm fuzzies), while others produced a […]
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Plan to Change

How many of you have a personal 5-year plan? Ok, I see a few hands raised. How many of you have a plan for the project you are on right now? Ok, lots of raised hands again. Now, how many of you have feared changes to your plans? Come on, be honest… Yep, most of us […]
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Changing Plans – Blog Jam

There is some friction between agile methodologies and the desire for upfront formal requirements that has really been bugging me lately. I often find myself wanting to have my cake and eat it too: I want clear and final requirements, but I don’t want to be forced to design an entire system upfront and drown […]
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Positive Deviance

What’s that? Another SEP Blog Battle you say? Of course I’ll chime in! What’s that? The first topic I’ve got is Positive Deviance? Ok… What the heck is Positive Deviance? Well, what do I think it is based on that statistics course I took 15 years ago, and based on more recent dealings with tracking […]
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