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SEP Named a Best Places to Work Company for 14th Consecutive Year

SEP has once again been recognized as one of Indiana’s Best Places to Work for the 14th year consecutive year.  The statewide survey and award program evaluates participating organizations and honors those with the highest levels of employee satisfaction and…
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Responsive Web Design

One of the buzzwords these days in web development is “responsive design.” According to Mashable, this is supposedly the Year of Responsive Web Design. Simply put, a responsive website scales to fit the device it is displayed on. If you grab the bottom right corner of your browser window and drag to the left, you’ll […]
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Tool for creating CSS for a sprite

A sprite is an image that contains a bunch of smaller images. I needed to write CSS for a sprite image that was created by our graphic designer. I found a tool called Sprite Box and it worked pretty well. Here is another one that will build the sprite image for you too called Instant […]
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