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SEP Selected as a Nominee for TechPoint’s Innovation Mira Award

TechPoint has announced the nominees for its 25th annual Mira Awards, highlighting the most innovative companies, universities, and organizations in Indiana’s tech sector. The awards celebrate achievements across various categories, including the Innovation Partner of the Year. Nominees in this…
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35+ Thoughts on What It Means to be an Employee-Owner at SEP

In October, we celebrate Employee Ownership Month as an ESOP. In addition, this year we celebrated 35 years of SEP! In a mash-up of both celebrations, we collected 35+ sentiments from across the organization, sharing what it means to “think like an owner.” We heard recurring themes like: Feeling the Benefits of Job Security and […]
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6 Reasons to Love SEP’s Employee Ownership Culture

If you know SEP, you know we care a lot about our work. But we care even more about the people we work with. We’ve always been this way, but launching our ESOP in 2010 brought employee ownership culture to the forefront of our business. It strengthened the connection between SEP and its people even […]
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ESOPs – Why They Work

October is employee ownership month and we’re celebrating our ownership throughout the month here at SEP. When we became in an ESOP in 2010, I didn’t quite know what this would do to our culture. We were already a pretty unique company that did great things for our employees, but would it change us? As […]
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Beware of Solving Things Yourself

There’s one recurring thing I’ve seen new hires at SEP struggle with over the years. Most commonly, this is something we see in hires that are fresh out of college, but sometimes it shows itself in hires that come to us with years of experience in the industry. While we try to eliminate it in our new […]
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The Optimistic Employee Owner

During a recent “blog-battle” here at SEP, we took on the topic of “The Optimistic [insert role here]“. So I’m going to take a little liberty and talk about why I’m an optimistic employee owner. For those not aware, SEP is a 100% ESOP (as of spring 2010). This has some nifty benefits such as […]
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SEP is an ESOP! OMG!

I’ve known about this for a couple months, but it’s still pretty awesome now that it is happening. As of March 31, SEP now has an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. This means that over the next 15+ years, ownership of the company will slowly transition to the employees. We will not buy the stock … […]
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