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SEP Named a Winning Company in the 2022 Powderkeg Unvalley Awards

Westfield, IN - January 2022, SEP, a software product design and development firm has been announced as a winning company in the 2022 Powderkeg Unvalley Awards. This recognizes SEP as one of the best tech companies to work for in…
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Trying Deltas For A Change

Last Time Last time we took a look at how improved bounds computation and child ordering can improve the performance of heuristic search algorithms.  In particular, we saw how those techniques improved the performance of depth first search (or depth first branch & bound if you prefer) when applied to the TSP.  Even though we […]
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How do I know if my idea is blog-worthy?

We at SEP know blogging is a Good Thing, both personally and for the company (recruiting, business development, etc.). Knowing what to blog about has proven to be challenging. (Really, we did a survey, the #1 response was not knowing what to write about.) We’ve tried some different things like blog prompts or blog battles, but have had […]
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How do you decide!?!

Lately I’ve found myself digging deeper into Heuristics. This is FASCINATING to me! I’ve been reading more and more about different ways that humans make decisions, and it continues to amaze me. Today, I was talking with Chris at work about completely un-related topics, when it occurred to me that I was framing, or “anchoring“, […]
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