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SEP Selected as a Nominee for TechPoint’s Innovation Mira Award

TechPoint has announced the nominees for its 25th annual Mira Awards, highlighting the most innovative companies, universities, and organizations in Indiana’s tech sector. The awards celebrate achievements across various categories, including the Innovation Partner of the Year. Nominees in this…
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Conference Talk Roadmap

Co-authored by Jordan Thayer and Robert Herbig Presenting information to your peers is an important part of an any career, especially engineering: Teaching a subject reinforces your own understanding and mastery Presentation and communication skills are essential to team based work Sharing knowledge helps improve the teams you’re working on It helps bring in new […]
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Failure is Part of Success

I did my tenth Toastmasters speech today which fulfill the requirements for a Competent Communicator Award Here is the speech: “Thomas Edison once said, I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. What he is referring to is a cost effective Electric light bulb. He tried 10,000 times to make it […]
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Syntax Highlighting for Technical Presentations

Ever wanted a quick/easy/automated way to get syntax highlighted code from your editor of choice into PowerPoint? EVERY time I do a technical presentation I need this.  Usually I resort to taking a screenshot, or finding an “export to html” type plugin for the editor I’m using at the time (Visual Studio, Vim, IntelliJ IDEA, […]
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IndyTechFest Recap

IndyTechFest is teh awesome! I was privileged enough to be a speaker alongside some other ridiculously awesome regional speakers (and even had a few of them IN my presentation!)… star struck having @dburton, @timwingfield, @skimedic, and other community leaders like @myotherpants and @maggielongshore in the audience.  I am truly humbled.  Thanks to the organizers for […]
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