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SEP Named a Best Places to Work Company for 14th Consecutive Year

SEP has once again been recognized as one of Indiana’s Best Places to Work for the 14th year consecutive year.  The statewide survey and award program evaluates participating organizations and honors those with the highest levels of employee satisfaction and…
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The Pregnant Scrum Master

My slightly satirical, stream-of-consciousness take on scrummy pregnancy. First Trimester Scrum Master You were a developer before you became a scrum master, so you’ll get a kick out of calling your baby a monad, because – like – “generically automating away boilerplate code” and something about “a thing that creates side-effects.” I mean, come on […]
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Scrum Master Lessons Detail

Continued from 2013/04/15/lessons-learned-as-a-scrum-master/ Here is my list of lessons learned throughout my tenure as Scrum Master, and I’m sure there are many more that I missed.  These were notes directed to myself, and are very project specific, but they give a decent overview.  Each one of these was something that I messed up at one time […]
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Lessons Learned as a Scrum Master

I have been a Scrum Master for my team of 8-10 since November of 2011, and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career.  I was very lucky to land this position.  Previously I had done development and testing projects, but my only lead experience was for a team of myself […]
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