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SEP Named a Best Places to Work Company for 14th Consecutive Year

SEP has once again been recognized as one of Indiana’s Best Places to Work for the 14th year consecutive year.  The statewide survey and award program evaluates participating organizations and honors those with the highest levels of employee satisfaction and…
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My Ideal Software Project: 7 Values I Believe In…

At SEP, we have very diverse teams, clients, and projects. With all of that variety and diversity, comes a lot of variation in how projects are run. Almost every project, in my experience, has used different processes and techniques. I was recently inspired by one of my coworkers, Jennifer, by a letter that she wrote […]
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Test First Programming – It is kind of like Martial Arts…

Test-Driven-Development/Design (TDD) has been a hot topic of conversation in our office recently (lots of external and internal training about TDD). I think the biggest* “ah, ha”* for me, throughout these conversations, was that TDD is nothing more than a tool.  A very powerful tool that has numerous benefits.TDD is not, however, some silver bullet […]
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How to be more confident in your changes – Test First…

I was tag-teaming a change with one of my teammates, Brian, and I didn’t even know where to begin.  I wasn’t nearly as confident with the scheduling logic as Brian was, which is why I was really excited to partner up with him in order to make the changes we needed. First, write tests that […]
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