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SEP Selected as a Nominee for TechPoint’s Innovation Mira Award

TechPoint has announced the nominees for its 25th annual Mira Awards, highlighting the most innovative companies, universities, and organizations in Indiana’s tech sector. The awards celebrate achievements across various categories, including the Innovation Partner of the Year. Nominees in this…
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Ridiculous Problems, Real Applications

Life is filled with compromises. Generally, we just don’t have the resources, be they time, money or and so on, to do the things we want to do as well as we’d like.  While I can’t solve that problem entirely or generally, I can help you intelligently trade time for improved solutions to problems that […]
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Swift iOS Tutorial: How to Customize UISegmentedControl

Customizing a UISegmentedControl If you have spent any time developing an iOS app, you have probably realized that customizing UI elements in Swift can be hard. There is either a checkbox that does what you want, or it takes hours of research and trial and error to get something just the way you want it. […]
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Swift Animation Tutorial – SpriteKit, Xcode, and Swift

But wouldn’t it be cool if it did this?… I’ve thought these words to myself many times during my career in software development, specifically in mobile development.  I want a product to do more than simply function properly; I want it to look good when it does it.  That’s not to say that I’m looking […]
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