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SEP Named a Best Places to Work Company for 14th Consecutive Year

SEP has once again been recognized as one of Indiana’s Best Places to Work for the 14th year consecutive year.  The statewide survey and award program evaluates participating organizations and honors those with the highest levels of employee satisfaction and…
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BizOps at SEP

You may have heard of BizOps as a business function, but there’s a good chance you aren’t sure exactly what that looks like day-to-day, or specifically how that plays out at a custom software consultancy like SEP. This post will give you a glimpse into what BizOps looks like for us. The History of BizOps […]
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Scripted Git Branch Deployment with Jenkins

When working with git, normally work is done on a branch then merged onto master. However, it is often desired or required that someone else take a look at it before putting it on master. The process of deploying your branch to a test environment is oftentimes manual / time consuming. It does not have […]
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Big Win for Iterative Development

Team Oracle won the America’s Cup [yacht] race for America in one of those thrilling close victories that only come along once in a quarter century. Read about it here and here. They were down 8 to 1 in September, and the Kiwis (New Zealand’s Emirates team) were looking unstoppable, with only one win needed […]
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More Complicated Than It Has To Be

A Dirty Phrase “More Complicated Than It Has To Be” is about as dirty a thing I can imagine saying to another developer in relation to their code or solution to a given problem. Sometimes that’s a result of ignorance of a simple helper method which does the thing they’ve coded, or maybe they’ve decided […]
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Positive Deviance

What’s that? Another SEP Blog Battle you say? Of course I’ll chime in! What’s that? The first topic I’ve got is Positive Deviance? Ok… What the heck is Positive Deviance? Well, what do I think it is based on that statistics course I took 15 years ago, and based on more recent dealings with tracking […]
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Walking the Talk – Part 2

Back on the “trend” of applying Agile/Lean practices SEP learned from software development to “management” I submit another example. SEP is working on significant updates to its risk management, project management and status reporting. These areas deal a lot with communication and like everything else…people. It really impressed me to find out our managers were […]
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