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SEP Selected as a Nominee for TechPoint’s Innovation Mira Award

TechPoint has announced the nominees for its 25th annual Mira Awards, highlighting the most innovative companies, universities, and organizations in Indiana’s tech sector. The awards celebrate achievements across various categories, including the Innovation Partner of the Year. Nominees in this…
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Robot at a computer

Everything You Wanted to Know About How AI Reduces Business Costs But Were Afraid to Ask

With all of the excitement for AI in the news, you may find yourself wondering, “How does AI reduce costs?”. AI has many business applications, from the flashy to the shockingly mundane. While there’s no way to know upfront how AI can transform your business, here are three broad ways AI reduces costs: #1. AI […]
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A DALL·E 2-generated image that used the following prompt: An open text-book that has human hands that are holding a brain in a jar

Curious About How to Get Started with LLM App Dev? Let’s Go!

LLM app dev sounds scarier than it is. Luckily, open source frameworks exist with excellent guides, great documentation, and active communities. Find below a series of toys, tasks, and videos that will take you from “aware that LLMs exist” to “building an LLM-based app”. Wait, what are LLMs? Some of this article can be practiced […]
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Christine Itwaru Podcast Episode - AI in Product Management

AI in Product Management: 3 Powerful Takeaways From Our Christine Itwaru Interview

Most of what I love about hosting our podcast are the insights I glean from conversations with my guests. My chat with Christine Itwaru about AI in Product Management is no exception. We talked about many things, but three parts of our conversation stood out to me. Zac’s Episode Takeaways #1. Get Comfy NOT Being […]
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A UX designer leading a product design workshop. Various perspectives are being discussed, represented by stylized thought bubbles appearing over their heads.

UX + AI: 4 Risks Designers can Help Solve Before you Build

AI’s rapid ascent up the hype curve is tempting businesses to heavily automate processes for efficiency and consistency. Opportunities abound: creative copilots and image generators, flexible data analysis, predictions for equipment failure. AI has the potential to change how we work and make software to help us. But AI comes with subtle risks that can […]
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complex manufacturing plant machine photo

The Common Business Applications of AI That We Rely on Every Day

In the modern era, many of us feel like we understand what AI is.  After all, it’s around us every day.  It’s in our novels and movies and news.  It’s in our businesses and our competitors. It’s in our medicine and our health care.  Though we may not think about it, it touches nearly every […]
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customer service team member smiling on a call

How AI in Customer Service Helps Humans Do More Than Ever Before

AI is changing every facet of our lives, from the way we cook to the way we work. Customer service is the most important aspect of any business. It defines the relationship between business and customers. Like all aspects of work, AI is changing how we approach customer service. Full Automation? More Like Fool Automation […]
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Indy.Code conference talk room example

Four Software Development Specialists from SEP Speak at Indy.Code() 2023

At Indy.Code() 2023, the campus of IUPUI was buzzing with innovation around all things software development. Four seasoned product development specialists from SEP took to the stage, sharing their expertise and insights spanning from the realm of probabilistic forecasting that fuels smarter decision-making to unveiling the potential of crafting custom AI software applications for highway […]
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AI concept art

How Autonomous AI Agents Leverage Text Completion Capabilities

This is the fourth post in a series that looks at how autonomous agents use generative AI models. Introduction The previous post showed how programmatic interactions with Open AI’s language models function. In this post, we’ll look at how two different autonomous agents (BabyAGI and Auto-GPT) leverage these capabilities. Agents like these provide a way […]
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Chatting With A LLM – Using the Open AI APIs

This is the third post in a series that looks at how autonomous agents use generative AI models. Introduction The previous post discussed how the text completion and chat completion capabilities work generally. It also showed some examples of prompts and responses. In this post, we’ll see how to use Open AI’s API to perform […]
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